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LImitations of App Install API

Are there any limitations of using the app install API across organization?

When using this API for installing apps in another workspace inside same organization, everything works fine, all relationships are copied in app fields. But when I use the API for installing apps in another organization workspace, all fields except app fields are copied. Is this an access issue or something limited inside the API?

Mohammad Sahil Answered

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Hi Mohammad,

Relationship fields in Podio cannot point to an app in another organisation. As such, if you're installing an app from org X, which has relationship fields to other apps in org X, then Podio cannot install these in org Y. I suggest you share an app pack instead (a collection of apps) and install that instead.


Andreas Garnæs 1 vote
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Thanks that helps in clearing the doubts we had...

Another thing, is the external ID of app fields guaranteed to be same in both original and installed app? Or are there any edge cases where they might be different.

We are look at automatically mapping fields between original and installed app by using external ID of fields for matching them based on the assumption that they are same.

Mohammad Sahil 0 votes
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