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Next date after Yesterday

I'm using Podio to manage contacts and comunication with customers. One customer can have more than one person in charge for the contacts, depending the subject or project.
On the app that we create the contact history and next day of contact i have the field "next contact", a date field.
How can i calulate a field that returns with the next contact, from today and future?

Nelson Oliveira Answered

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Hi Nelson,

I'm not sure if I understand your question right and what exactly you want to achieve.
You've the contact history app which is related via a relationship field to Contacts.
In Contact history you've a date field "next contact"
What exactly should be shown in the calculation field? Number of days between next contact date and today? Or another date?

Rainer Grabowski 0 votes

HI Rainer,

Many thanks for your answer.

In app CONTACTS we add all contacts we have schedule with customer.

In app CRM i have a field that returns with @max of date of contact

This works if a customer has only a single acount.

We have some customers that has 2 acounts.

Imagine customer A has the account person 1 and acount person 2

Person 1 schedule a metting to october 15th
Person 2 schedule a meeting to october 7th

The way i have now, on my filter (max date of contact)

What i need is, no matter the number of meetings scheduled, i need to know when and who have to make the next contact.

Is it more or less clear now?

I'm sorry, but it's difficult to explain all in english

Nelson Oliveira 0 votes

So CONTACTS is related to CRM via a relationship field "Customer" in CONTACTS? Is there an App for Persons too?

Rainer Grabowski 0 votes

First you've to collect all dates which are > yesterday. But that's not really possible in Podio calculation fields cause you can't get a value "today". You can use the function moment() = it fetches the date and time when a variable has been changed in the calculation. Everytime a new CONTACTS-item is added to a CRM-Item the value of momen() is changed to the time when the Contact-item is added. The calculation below does the following:
1. Look in CONTACTS for all items with a date >= momen() (i.e. >= the date the last item has been added).
2. Create a list of all found items.
3. sort this list and put the date with the lowest value at the top of the list ( cause it's the next date)
4. Look in CONTACTS for the item with exactly this date, pull the date and time value and display it as a date (so it can be shown in calendars)

var nd = @All of Next Date;
var dateList= [];
for(var i = 0; i < nd.length; i++){
if(moment(nd[i]).format("YYYYMMDD") >= moment().format("YYYYMMDD")){
var getNext = dateList.sort().join().split(",")[0]

var next1 = "";
for(var i = 0; i < nd.length; i++){
if(moment(nd[i]).format("YYYYMMDD") == getNext){
next1 += nd[i];

You can create a second calculation field to show the name of the person who should be contacted. For that you have to change the last part of the code a bit (first part stays the same):

var person = @all of field with person's name    
var person1 = "";
for(var i = 0; i < nd.length; i++){
if(moment(nd[i]).format("YYYYMMDD") == getNext){
person1 += person[i];

If you've a category field (or another indicator) in CONTACTS which indicates that this contact happened, you could use it as a filter, so that old "next dates" for CRM-items aren't displayed (e.g. for CRM A you had scheduled the lst contact for Sep. 9th. In the calculated Next Date for CRM A this date will stay till you add the next contact-item. If you have a "done"-indicator you can enhance the code "Display not, if done").

If your Contact-items have a time entry it could happen that the time in calculated Next date in CRM is displayed wrong. This depends on the difference of your time zone and the Podio server time. If so, you've to subtract or add the difference (depends on your time zone).


Rainer Grabowski 0 votes