how to import data from excel into field with multiple app references?



  • Umut Gur

    Hi Charlie - thank you for your reply!

    Just a quick note to let you know that I somehow managed to do this - might be useful for someone else that needs to do the same:

    I noticed that when a field references two apps, the import module will try to import into the first referenced app. So I first imported the data that would referenced the first app listed as possible reference for the field. I then changed the order of the referenced apps in the field's settings and imported the part of data for that would reference the second app, and voila! : ))))

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  • Charlie Lindstrom

    Hi Umut,

    As it looks now you can not import to a relationship field that points to multiple apps I'm afraid, just single apps. Multiple items within the same app works fine though. I'll add your vote on supporting also multiple apps in the future! For now, manual linking of app 2 would be the way forward.

    Hope that helps!

    /Charlie - Podio

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  • Khristi

    Is there any update on the importing data from multiple app references? I also run into the same issue :)

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  • Oliver Wray

    @Umut Thanks for sharing that!

    Keep the feedback comming :)

    //Oliver - Podio

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  • Brenton

    Hi Khristi,

    There has not been any updates in regards to importing values into relationship fields linked to multiple apps. The import cannot handle multiple apps linked in the same field.

    /Brenton - Podio

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  • Eduardo Bucio

    Podio should start listening to these open items, as they are important to us, their clients.  I've supported posts from years ago and they do not advance.  This is one clear example.

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