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Global categories (controlled vocabularies)

We would like a way to configure global categories that we can reuse across apps. So, when adding a category type field, we would like to be able to connect it to a global list of categories rather than have to create it in the app for that specific field. The link would be live, so each referencing field would always point to the global list. As new terms were added, they would become available. As terms were edited, they would update in all referencing category fields. As terms are deleted, a dialog would appear that asks the user to choose another term for reassignment, or understand that there might be a null assignment.

Use case examples:

  • Names of regions, countries or states
  • Product names
  • Department names
  • Sales stages

Each of these lists (vocabularies) is useful across apps. But it's important that all apps that use the list always have the same items available.

To get around this now, we have a "Vocabularies" workspace where we build a new app for each vocabulary we need. We then reference that app in the fields where we need them. This works, but the display of related items in a record isn't quite as nice and tidy as the display of categories. Further, this is a permissions management issue, whereby we want most users to be able to access the vocabularies, but we want only a few able to edit them.

David Diamond

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