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  • Stefan Ukena

    Hi David,

    if I understand you correctly, you are building the webform using php and you will manage the creation of the item after submission in your php code.

    The parameters $file_pathand $file_name expect a path/file on your server's local filesystem, not a URL. As a result you will get a file_id which you can use to Podio::attach the uploaded file to the item you have created earlier.


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  • Steven Lawson

    I know this is super old. But im trying to accomplish something similiar. 


    Here is the podio webform:


    Here is the webform ive built:


    Currently it works in posting the data and submitting it. 


    The only issue is getting the file upload function to carry over/submit.

    How would i go about getting the file to actually upload into the item. Currently only the text data is carrying over/submitting. 

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