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    The limit of 100 is made for performance reasons so you can work better and faster with the 100 cards available. The workaround would be to use filters and views if you have more than 100 items in the app in order to break down work in smaller chunks (for example by sprint or date).

    Here's how you create filter, views and reports:   

    Thanks for the feedback!

    //Sara - Podio

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  • Sorin Sbarnea

    Interesting question, I am wondering if it would be possible to work with ~800 cards?

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  • Charlie Lindstrom

    Hi Wilson and Sorin,

    There is currently a limit of 100 items that can be shown in the card layout. You can use filters to narrow them down. For example just showing current projects or upcoming meetings?

    I hope that can work. It might be that we can raise this limit in the future but there are no immediate plans for it today.

    /Charlie - Podio

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  • Alexis Haselberger

    We are just implementing Podio now, and we just ran into this 100 card limit in card view.  This is a big sticking point for us, as we were planning to use Podio to mimic the set up that our engineering team had in Trello.  We have 145 cards in our main engineering view, and it's not showing all of them because of the 100 card view limit.  Why does this limit exist?  Is it on the road map to lift or extend it?  


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  • Cloé Sophia

    I really really really want the option to show more cards. One of the problems here is that podio chooses some field to choose the 100 cards. Which means in card view there can be white space in some of the categories that tricks you thinking there are no more cards in the category when in fact there are.  

    I use podio in a way that I am not working with only a few cards. Imagine recipes I want to see all recipes organised by a category in card view.  I am not about to cook the top ten and then move on to a another view. I want to be able to scroll down using category to view all cards in the category. Please give us the option to choose to show more. perhaps a filter to choose how many to show set by default at 100? This way you cab keep the default to a performance maximising limit but still give others to choose to show more. 



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