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Add podio tasks using google now

I really really really <repeat a few more times> need this feature. And I would be quite useful to others on android platform also

Use case: I have been using podio for quite some time and use the web interface to enter tasks. Podio android app is really cumbersome especially for adding tasks on the go (E.g. in an impromptu meeting or when outside with intermittent internet connectivity). With google now I am able to dictate tasks using a competing app and then at a later point in time - which is usually evening, I just suck it up and reenter the tasks by hand into podio. That means I will miss some task. In fact, now I have a task to add all the tasks.

Please consider adding the capability of tasks in podio to be entered using google now (In general, improving the interface of podio app to enter a task would be quite useful.)

Rohit Verma

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