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Tiles on home pages

Podio team, this request would make a huge difference to me and my team ...

When you create an app, it would be great if you could select a so called common factor for all items in all work spaces. For there, a view is able to be set. For instance, I would like to create a tile that shows me everything that has my email address in it from whichever work space (we have a few), and then I want to set a filter that all items with a 100% are not shown.

Another example, is a tile where the common factor is what the items are referenced to.

This would be truly fantastic, and I would so appreciate if you could look at doing this.

BTW, you could choose the app's the tile looked at, and also this would work great because each workspace has the same apps and app templates in our company.

It's another request that would make life so much easier ... THANKS PODIO , please consider it!

Cathy Vos

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