IF Command with Category



  • Rainer Grabowski (FVM)

    Hi Mike,

    cause your first try had a number as result Podio saved this calculation field as number type (click on the field settings and you see it's number type). You can't change this type later. So you have to create a new calculation field. A tip: If you want to be sure that a calculation field is saved as text type put in only a text token like @title and save it. Then go back, delete the variable and create your javascript. Same if you want to be sure that it is saved as number type. Put in a token for a number field or if you don't have a number field in your app write: //@title; 1 and save it.


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  • Mike Adams

    Many Thanks Rainer, that explains it, I thought I was going mad ...
    Thanks for your excellent support

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  • Adrien BLAISE

    Calculation fields output can be either number, date or string (text). The field type is determined when you FIRST save the field. You need to make sure your field is saved as text (not number). We usually enter whatever variable, then "TEMP", just to save as text. Then we enter the formula.

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