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Sort by 5-Star-Rating?!


before the overhaul of rating it was possible to sort by rating. Now I can't find this important feature any more.

I have an old app, layouted before the overhaul and there it is still possible to sort by it. In a new app, this option is not present. Am I doing anything wrong? Has this sort option gone away? :-(

Mose Completed

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Hi Mose,

Great observation with your old app settings. Unfortunately, it's not possible to sort by ratings anymore due to the fact how the rating field is coded differently but I do agree, it'd be great to do that!

//Dominik - Podio

Dominik Hamacher 0 votes

Seriously?! O_o
What's the usecase for this anymore if it's not possible to sort, filter or view this together with other entries?!
It was fine the way it was and it was useful this way! Don't fix what ain't broke!

This makes me some kinda angry :-/
I need this very badly. Is there at least a way to work around by using the API and get the avg value and write it to another field using update hook? Took a quick look and couldn't find it shakeshead

Mose 1 vote

The star rating feature is now next to useless and I feel similarly frustrated - I was hoping to use it for filtering or sorting the data which doesn't seem to be possible. Why bother keeping it if it can not be leveraged in either filtering or sorting? What else can it be used for?

Chris Webb 2 votes

Thanks for the votes everyone, every vote counts - there are no current for this yet, but keep the votes comming.

// Oliver - Podio

Oliver Wray 0 votes

I found a work around. Don't start building your apps the normal way but by cloning an old one which uses good old ratings. This way you still can sort.
I don't know where the probleme is to reenable this feature to be able to add a rating as item field. It is still there...

Mose 0 votes

I  find it inacceptable, that Podio just 'listens' to these more that valid complaints and does not seem to move a single inch toward customer satisfaction.

I also requested this feature earlier. It would be more honest to remove the whole field than to leave us without filter / sort option.

So please fix this ASAP!!!

Stefan Myoshin Schoch 0 votes