Export relationship items in secondary app




  • Rainer Grabowski (FVM)

    Hi Marco,

    the incoming relations which are listed at the bottom of the item under "related items" can't be exported. There is weak workaround with which you can export the information which incoming relation an item has at the moment you do the export (but only as text, not as links).
    Create a calculation field in App 2 with the formula:

    @all of NameOfTitleFieldApp1.join(";\n") 

    This lists all related items from App 1, separated by semicolon and line break (=\n). Instead of semicolon and line break you can use every other separator you like (always in quotation marks; if you don't put anything into the brackets after .join they are separated by a comma.)


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  • Marco Rossi

    Hi Rainer, thank you very much for your workaround!

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  • Daniel Salazar

    Thanks Rainer, is not the best to add additional fields but your suggestion helped a lot. 

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  • Hans Rudbeck Dahl

    Hi Marco, thx for the help, is there any new development you know off ?

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