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Workflow triggered by import

Would it be possible to trigger a workflow from an excel import? This would really make the automation feature of workflows a lot more powerful as I want to be able to import new records and immediately assign these to workflow members as a task to follow them up and complete their records.

Adam Whitter-Jones Completed

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Hi Adam,

We don't currently have this as a possibility - since many people will upload spreadsheets with thousands of rows, that has the potential to get quite messy if you don't realize there are workflows that will be triggered. For this reason we have made it so that workflows can only be triggered for individually created items.

/Jacquelyn - Podio

Jacquelyn May 0 votes
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I agree this is a must-have feature. I import quarterly content plans and want blog publishing tasks created for each. I do NOT want to have to go in and manually add tasks to each entry!

Gretchen Roberts 1 vote
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