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Turn a "Relationship" into a "Multiple Choice" item in a Web Form

Design the "Relationship" field to inherit similar functionality as the "Category" field currently has, giving it multiple choice, list, multi column and inline properties so it can be used in "Webforms".

The idea behind this is to create a web form where a user can add multiple products, submit that info and then have a quote generated based on their multiple selections. On our end we built out a "Products" app that contains a list of product items and each item has a price associated with them. In our "Lead" or "Customer Quote" app we will have all the fields relating to an online webforms. In the relationship field of this app we are calling up our "Products" app (with multiple items in it). Within the "Customer Quote" app, I can manually add multiple products via the "Relationship" field and have the "Calculation" field add up all the items into a "Total Sum". But what I want to be able do is to have "Relationships" viewable as a multiple choice web form. What currently happens is the web form produces a drop down menu for the "Relationship" field, thus preventing a user from selecting multiple items. What I want to do is to have multiple choice items in the web form so they can select as many items as they like and when the customer submits the request, it populates the new entry with all of the customers info as well as the selected items (multiple choices). The result is creating a calculation or "total sum".

This will allow the user to run some scripts using Globiflow and automatically send the client a PDF of the quote. The new "Relationship" field would inherit similar functionality that the "Category" field currently has, except it dynamically calls up items via our "Products" app and ties them into a nice neat calculation delivered up into webform.

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To be honest, it's not on the roadmap for Q2 :)

//Dominik - Podio

Dominik Hamacher 0 votes

Did you manage to work this out? It is exactly what i am trying to do right now.

Ryan Lapinid 0 votes

Thomas and Ryan, I have submitted this idea to a few third party developers outside of Podio and the "Advanced Webform for Podio" developers are currently working on it. You can ask to join their group: I am not affiliated with the group or their software other than submitting this idea and using their solutions.


David Bennett 0 votes

Any updates on this? Anyone have a workaround besides creating more apps? 

Christopher Daniels 0 votes