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  • Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen

    App auth counts as a light user on the app and works under the same restrictions as light users. If I recall correctly that means app auth can only delete items created by app auth. Maybe if the "Don't let members edit items in this app" setting is disabled they can delete more but I don't remember.

    You can always check rights by getting the item and looking at the rights property. Or you can use the can method. E.g.

    $item = PodioItem::get(123);
    if ($item->can('delete')) {
      print "I can delete this";
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  • Vincent Poirier

    I am not the "Organization Admin", I can't seem to be able to validate that setting.
    The only workaround I see is authenticating through a user, and that's not too clean in my opinion.

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