New Member Role "Limited" or "Restricted"



  • Vincent Poirier

    I think that the ultimate solution was previously mentioned. That is being able to manage user roles and/or create new ones and specify what each of them can or cannot do. At the rate the Web interface gets updates, I'm not sure when to expect this.

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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hey Fritz and Vincent,

    Thanks for your input. We do understand the need for restricted user roles and are currently discussing a few options:
    1) The discussing the option to share a view (compared to sharing a single app item)
    2) The option to invite Guests (to single items) with a read-only limitation, specifically related to the Guest, not the overall App Settings

    @Fritz, sounds like sharing a view is also similar to what you are looking for?

    //Sara - Podio

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  • Fritz Feger

    Sara, thanks for getting back! Sharing a view is also a nice idea!

    Pros for sharing a view (vs. a restricted user role):

    • less noise for the guest - she sees only views created for her needs (if you're diligent enough to custom make views for her); she doesn't see apps which don't matter to her; no need for her to reduce email noise by changing her notification settings.
    • no need for the team to assign guests to single items in order to make them visible - less clicking.

    Pros for a restricted user role (vs. sharing a view):

    • safer - you can check at the item who's able to see it. Views are not that easy to control. Team members could accidentally reveal information not intended for the guest's eyes, or talk in a way not appropriate for her ears without being aware she is listening.
    • shared views can be part of it - if the restricted user role would be implemented so that she only sees apps and views with at least one item assigned to her, this would allow for an "emulation" of sharing views.
    • keeps the guest notified - sharing a view is nice for an online meeting where you want to show a guest around. But it is insufficient for collaboration Podio style; I'd have to share both a view and each item with the guest to have it all.

    On our own account: we add a product owner to each issue per API, so no extra clicking here for our team, and no additional adding for notification purposes. Therefore the two alternatives would be almost equivalent for us.

    But for non-API regular use I'd prefer the restricted user role, especially if the "shared" items are displayed in the same way as if the guest were workspace member, not in a flat list, but only for those apps and views with "shared" items.

    Having said this, you could just upgrade items sharing that way. Job done.

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  • Jean-Louis D'Hondt


    I was wondering if anything changed around this topic during the last 6 months ? Or is anything in the making ?

    We're currently facing the same issues in our company (we need more granular/powerful sharing options to collaborate with our clients and partners). We're thinking about creating different workspaces and sync items between workspaces (eg. with this extension but this seems a tedious task...

    Thank you for your feedback

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  • Matt Werner

    I know this has been mentioned in other places but having light members be limited to only adding items, not editing them within an app would be an ideal usage for our organization. We want to have items that everyone can view, but only project leaders can edit. Is this something that is still being discussed?

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  • JD

    What Fritz Described is exactly what i'm looking for.
    I don't want a "restricted user" to see all the items, but I still want them to be able to filter the items assigned to them.
    Sharing a view might work. Is that possible while limiting access?


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  • mvm Top Management

    "I don't want a "restricted user" to see all the items, but I still want them to be able to filter the items assigned to them."

    It sounds great for managing. Is there any new about this feature's coming?

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