Viewing App Items across Workspaces



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    Joseph Espinoza


    I'm afraid this would not be possible with Podio. App items can only be viewed in their own workspaces, and saved views as well. Could I ask for more info about how you would use this in your situation? I can save the input for our product team to consider. Thanks! :)

    /Joseph – Podio

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  • Ron van der Plas

    The ability to show items of another workspace in a tile on the ws home would be very handy.

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  • Andy Baker

    Thanks Joseph!

    In a nutshell, we have some clients setup on their own workspaces. It would be nice during an internal project review if we were able to see all of these items (i.e. "projects") and review them in one area. Not a deal-breaker, but just curious if this question has come up before and if there was an easy work-around. My guess is this would be more complicated then it's worth to do on your end because the apps also have unique fields from one app to another across workspaces.

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  • Andreas Huttenrauch

    We have quite a few users that do this with our automation flows. Check out

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