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  • Vincent Poirier

    In other words, having a field of any type that you can set if it's a read-only field. (just like setting if it's a required field)
    The only way to populate that field would be to use the API or remove the read-only tag from it?

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  • Dominik Hamacher

    Great idea. Can you elaborate on your use case a bit more?

    //Dominik - Podio

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  • Mathieu Smith

    Yup! If you could give that possibility, I think that anybody could take benefit!

    I have an app for contracts and a date field which defines when the contract has been signed. The value is provided by the API. I would like to have a read-only field for that date because I don't want anybody to change the value.

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  • Soporte ITSCS

    Would be possible to make some fields ready-only or even hidden through a web-hook?

    I am looking for some functionality like the following:

    For instance, let´s say  I have an invoice app with a category field (called Action) with the options "Save draft", "Void" and "Send to customer". Besides I have the regular Invoice fields: Client, Concept, Invoice date, amount, etc.

    The user enters the basic data and when  is ready to save the invoice (permanently)  he/she hits the "Save Draft" option and from then on the invoice fields would be read-only.

    Only the the Action field would be enable so the user can hit the Void or "Send to customer" options....

    Don´t know if a weebhook makes sense in this scenario?

    Does it?


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  • Jacob Robinson


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