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Field Reference and Calculations Between Apps

We're a nonprofit that donates a lot of items to other organizations each year.
We have an app that keeps track of our grantees and how much we granted to them at the beginning of each year (monetary value). This is our main app to watch and archive all data pertaining to each organization and we keep years worth of info on it.
Then we have an app that is the "receipt" app. Each time a grantee comes in and selects an item a receipt is made and the value of the item is subtracted from their total for the year.
We need to figure out how to have the grantee's main app pull information from specific fields in each receipt app.
As an example:
ABC Org has been granted $100 for the year (we plug this into the main ABC app).
ABC representative comes to the store and uses their grant to "buy" a $20 item (we plug this into the receipt app).
Now I'd like the receipt app to "tell" the main app that $20 is used and for the main app to then subtract $20 from the $100 originally granted.
Each time ABC receives materials we'd make a new receipt and it should continue to subtract from the main app's "amount of grant left" field.
How do I do this?

Aderyn Bright

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