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seeking api dev for work

I may have a job for you if you're interested.

We are looking to hire someone to make a direct integration through the podio api between Gravity Forms (a popular wordpress contact form plugin) and podio... so when someone submits their info into a Gravity Form on our website platform... it goes direct to podio.

There's reasons we're using Gravity Forms for our forms... so using the podio forms on our site isn't an option.

We'll likely have other ongoing work after this to help us build out some more things on podio if it was a fit for you.

Our budget... for creating basically a plugin for gravityforms that is similar to the way the zoho plugin works on gravity forms ( but for podio.

  1. our SaaS customers would put in tehir podio account info to connect their account w/ our system (through gravityforms... like the zoho plugin does above)
  2. choose a podio workspace the leads will go into
  3. map the fields on the gravity forms form to where in the podio workspace they'll go to

Our software is a SaaS system where our users setup wordpress based websites... GravityForms is the base of our web forms... so this plugin would be self-serve by our clients so they can go into their site... see the "Podio" integration in their "Forms" tab (which is the default GravityForms tab) ... then go through the steps above.

Our budget to get it where we want it is $1k.

Contact me @ if you're interested.

Hawk James Naea

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