Tabbed Navigation in Form Editor



  • Official comment

    Hi guys!

    We just added the tabbing feature last week - if you check again today it should be faster? :)

    Or do you refer to when in template editor mode (not when editing items)?

    Sara - Podio

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  • David

    I agree. This would he a great beneft.

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  • Phil & Son, Inc.

    Totally agree. I found the apps I made to be cumbersome and take twice as long to enter data because there is not an ability to tab through the form I'm filling out. Seems like a basic request, I didn't even realize it was missing till I tried to fill out a form. Great work on the other features within the application. Thanks! AP

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  • Wesley Miaw

    Works great. Thanks! I only meant when editing items, and not the template editor.

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