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Pre-filling New Item form

Is there any way to send data to a new item (+ Add) form in Podio?
I've tried various combinations of sending data in the GET string to no avail.
This would be enormously helpful.
Maybe in a POST?

Andreas Huttenrauch

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I am looking for this too, it would be very helpful and could improve UX a lot.

My use case: customer wants to get "shortcuts" to some functionalities. If I could pass parameters to forms I could use e.g. calculated fields to build links like on a "lead" item "add call" and then open the new item form of "call" passing in basic data like current date, already preselect the customer, type phone call etc.

Does not this make sense?

Andreas Forstinger 0 votes

This feature, combined with the ability to fetch the current (developer) item ID in calculated fields, would enable Podio users to click on hyperlinks, generated by calculated fields, that simplify the creation of items in other apps that link to the current item, as sometimes it is more feasible to have in-links than out-links.

Adam Piórowicz 0 votes