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Views and contributions

I have a workspace with a series of applications that is focused on knowledge sharing. I'd like to somehow show which entries have the most views and who is contributing the most to the space. From a contribution perspective, I could easily just paste widgets for contributers on the space page, but this is messy as we have a fair # of applications. From a views perspective, I'm not even sure if this is possible although I have considered adding rankings or thumbs up/thumbs down.

I'm familiar with the API, but I'm not sure if there is a good way to approach either of this goals. Any thoughts?

I thought maybe I could create a stats application that we could run each month, quarter, etc. that has a web hook to call out to a web app that would pull in contributors / creators or ratings from each application and then post this data back to the app or another app. Could this also be accomplished via a widget where I could aggregate data/calculations across multiple apps and post it all in one Widget? I suppose I can post anything to a widget in text format.

that idea is manual in that the app has to be run to execute the webhook are there automated ways of potentially doing this?

Or maybe I've overthinking this and there are ways of aggregating calculations from many applications into a single widget or app w/o using the API.

Chris Straight

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