Reference field in tasks on iPhone app



  • Karey Kumli

    This feature, and several others re discrepancies between mobile & web apps, will eliminate the extra tasks I must write to remind myself to complete the writing of those tasks when back at the web version. Sometimes there are a dozen or more that need reminders, recurrences, tags, references. Rather cumbersome & I'm sure you'll address these soon, thanks,

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  • Simran Bhatia

    I'd like the same thing, and to expand upon it. When you're on Android and try to share a webpage to Podio (to save for later use), it doesn't give you the option to share that page as a new item in a particular App you're using. But it does give you the option to share the page as a task. If there was a reference field when creating a task, then I could accomplish the same goal of saving the 'shared' content to a specific app at least, by just attaching/referencing the task to that app or an item in that app.

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  • Alice Mathieson

    Is this feature going to be added soon?    Doing much more work on mobile these days, and it's hard to file tasks that have been assigned (created) already.  

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