Need help hiding the time field in my webform



  • Jonathan Anderson

    I was able to solve this very simply with CSS. You'll need to load the webform in a browser and then view its source, or use the "Inspect Element" feature of the developer tools built into some browsers. You'll need to find an element that looks like this:

    <input class="time-input new-placeholder hasTimeEntry" id="field_00000000_time" name="field_00000000[time]" placeholder="00:00 AM" type="text" value="">

    Except in place of the string of zeros in the 'id' and 'name' properties, there'll be a code specific to that field in your particular form. You'll need to copy the value of the 'id' property and use it to make a line of CSS like this:

     #field_00000000_time { display: none; }

    Except yours should have that specific code instead of all the zeros and be sure to include the '#' at the beginning.

    Edit the webform in Podio, and in the right sidebar expand the 'Theme' panel and click 'Use custom CSS'. Then paste the snippet of CSS into the 'Enter CSS' box and click 'Done'. Fortunately, this doesn't interfere with the pre-defined theme CSS so you should be able to do this without having to re-create the whole stylesheet.

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  • Brian Faulconer

    Thanks. It makes sense, but not working for me. My own would have been ..

    #field_497953550_time {
    display: none;

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