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Quickly add related items

I have a Companies app, and a Contacts app. One customer can have many contacts.

When I add a new company with two contacts, I would like to be able to:

  • Create the company
  • From the company, inside Companies, click a button "Add contact"
  • Enter the data for the contact, save it
  • The contact is already related to the company

This is a feature of most CRMs I used, and it speeds up the workflow a lot.

Dan Mazzini

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Hey Dan!

As of today this is possible. Now you can create a new referenced item directly via the app reference field (now called a Relationship field). At the bottom of the field you'll see a "Create new item" link.

Hope this can help!

/Jacquelyn - Podio

Jacquelyn May

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Hey Dan

It is a good input and something we have been discussing internally as well. Appreciate the feedback! Might be possible some time in the future.

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes

Hi Sara - I wanted to add to this request. Podio is a fabulous platform to develop custom solutions, however the ability to create related items (child records) from top level items (Parent records) is an important feature. Currently users have to execute several steps to create new records, namely:

  1. Exit the top level object (i.e. companies)
  2. Open the child object (i.e. contacts)
  3. Go back to the top level object (companies)
  4. Search for the new contact
  5. Save the record

As you can see, this prevents users from being able to efficiently use the system. Please let us know what we need to do to push this feature to the top of the release calendar.


Savitra Sharma 1 vote

Dear Podio,
I really love almost everything in Podio. However, one is unable to value so many great features when the most basic feature is missing. In my case I need to Insert a "billable hour" related to a " billable task" related to a "billable deliverable" inside a "project".... Having to start from finish to beginning is a painful time consuming task. The tricky part is that convincing any employee to fill their working hours on a CRM is already a painful time consuming task itself.

PLEASE consider easing the task of using Podio by allowing the creation of related items inside the parent item.
thanks in advance

Note to other users: I am currently overcoming this issue by cloning other child itens already in the same parent item :-(

João Bana e Costa 2 votes

Dear Jacquelyn,
is this a premium feature only? I can't find that link... when I am on the parent item edition window I can only see the items I have already linked to it but no "Create new item" link

João Bana e Costa 0 votes

Hey João,

Anyone can use this feature, but to me it sounds like you're trying to create an item from the other side of the app reference. This can only be created from the app with the app reference field, not from the other end.

Hope that makes sense?

/Jacquelyn - Podio

Jacquelyn May 0 votes

That's what I thought :-(
Unfortunately, it would make much more sense to be able to easily create subitems from parent items. Imagine that you have a project where you have to insert working hours every day. By entering the project and clicking "add Hours" it would be very easy to have the "referenced project" field already filled in... Like @Dan Mazzini said "This is a feature of most CRMs I used, and it speeds up the workflow a lot."

Hope to see it in a new future

João Bana e Costa 0 votes

I definitely see why it makes more sense in your case :) I'll add the suggestion.

Jacquelyn May 1 vote

I would also agree it would be more useful to be able to create items "from top to down" then like now "bottom - up".

Sir Gru 0 votes