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Flyout and Dropdown Menus (UX Enhancement)

REQUEST: Add flyout menus to the sidebar nav to provide easy access to apps inside each workspace. Also, add dropdown menus to app icons within workspaces to show most popular items and a prompt to create new items directly from the dropdown.

REASON: One of the major UX barriers in Podio is the fact that every workspace/app/entry is hidden behind a click. There are absolutely NO flyouts, dropdowns or rollovers in the interface which breaks the user experience and causes frustration.

EXAMPLE: If I want to get to an entry in my Deliverables App in my Projects Workspace it takes me AT LEAST 4 clicks to get there.

  1. Click Sidebar Menu
  2. Click on relevant Workspace
  3. Click on Deliverable App
  4. Click on appropriate Deliverable

If you added Flyout menus to the sidebar and dropdowns to the App menus, not only would you provide ease of access to relevant content, but streamline the access to content.

P.S. I recognize that you've added widgets to the homepage and inappropriately-named "Activity" feed, but that's not enough. People won't rely on landing pages for general usability features. It's your responsibility to streamline the process at every entry point and UX level of your platform.

DJ Carey

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