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Customize Badge Layout

There should be a way (for example through check boxes in App Builder beside the blocks) to have fields get into the Badge Layout and others definitely not.


Nesretep Corporation

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Hey guys,

First of all, thank you for your input and votes on this feature. I have great news for you today!

It’s now possible to customize what is shown in the badges so that the look and work even better in your app overview. Click the wrench in the upper left when viewing the app and select "Layout Options"

From here you can now select which fields appear within the badges and where. You can also select None in any section if you’d like to hide that area and make the badges smaller.

We just posted a blog post on this as well that you can read here:

Please take a look at how it works and let me know how it feels! Any questions and feedback is much welcome - as always.

All the best,
/Charlie - Podio

Charlie Lindstrom

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Specially if there is a date field included within the data which does not interest anyone but is displayed big within the badge and nothing else. :-(


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