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    Charlie Lindstrom

    Hi guys,

    I got some good news to share with you today :-)

    You can now add animated GIFs to your conversations in Podio! To do so simply type "::" plus any keyword to search for your favourite in the GIF database.

    Hope you'll enjoy it!

    Charlie - Podio

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  • Brendan Blaine

    I would love to see this as well.

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  • Joel Phillip

    Would be a great addition to the comments section and activity streams. 

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  • Eric Insel

    yah me too! would be very helpful

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  • Taylor Gobar

    PLEASE somebody add playable gifs to Podio. This is the one thing keeping me from quitting Basecamp

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  • Tom

    Basecamp Campfire has sweet hidden features like this.
    I'd love to see Podio implement animated gifs, emoticons, sound effects, etc.
    Getting stuff done is emotional and human more than it is professional.

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  • Monir Mohammed

    Snap. I just tried this as a work around in teaching my staff how to get a task down and it did not work as expected. A video or animated GIF can be so useful.

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  • Dominik Hamacher

    GIFS are not working because they are saved as pictures when they are uploaded and thus only the first picture is showing. We might change that in the future though :)

    //Dominik - Podio

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  • Brian Fischer

    I'm casting my "yes please" vote in favor of animated GIFs in Podio...

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  • Al Jachimiak

    Hello @Charlie,


    I don't think your comment matches the issue at hand here.


    I recently attached an uploaded animated .gif to my team's Activity Stream.  The .gif was an short demonstration of a new feature.


    When you click on the image, the modal overlay shows the image, but it does not animate. 


    I had to tell my team members to actually download the .gif to see it.  


    Not really the experience I was trying to get out of attaching the .gif.

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