• Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    For me personally, this would defeat the use of the light user role :) The purpose is to give the role less permissions. If they need more permissions you can promote them as regular users instead?

    What is the use-case for this?


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  • Randy Hunter

    I would like Light Users to have the ability to Export as well. We use the export function for reporting, but I want to use all of the other restrictions of a Light User. For now I have to give users, Regular User access.

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  • Steven Rossiter

    I want this as well. I want to allow our accountants to see our expenses app and export the data to Excel but I don't want them to be able to add apps to the workspace.

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  • Jeff Dougherty

    We are having the same issue now. I would prefer for light users to be able to export rather than import. Most employees need to be able to export to generate reports, etc. and it seems to me that it is very dangerous for some employees to have the ability to import and and totally screw up the data, which actually just happened. 

    Wouldn't it be possible to have a check box in the app settings, so the administrator can turn on or off access to this function?? Seems like it would be a very simple fix?? 

    Hundreds of employees in multiple countries, 90% of which would be light members. Not easy to control who uploads what, but would be much better with this feature!!


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  • Bethany Anderson

    We too would like to see the light user have export privileges.  I am now forced to make user's regular users so now they can create new apps, add apps from the marketplace, invite people to workspaces, and delete other's app items.  Export is a very needed resource for many users, regardless of access level so giving it to light users would give that extra bit of functionality while still keeping them out of all the rest of the stuff that can cause problems.

    I also think that creating tiles and reports should be a light user function.  It's another example of making the system work for you.

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  • Phil List

    I agree whole-heartedly that allowing a user to import data is far more serious than exporting data. Importing data requires technical care, which many Light users do not have. Allowing Light users to be able to do this is a data-integrity issue unless you trust every single member to be careful. On the other hand, exporting data needs to be done by almost everyone in our organization (often people who operate without technical care, who we would prefer never import anything); by virtue of being a workspace member, we already trust them to view all the data, so we have no reason disallow Light members from exporting.

    Also, making the export feature disabled for Light users does not prohibit them from copying all the data from an app; if they are a serious-minded bad actor, they can still copy out all the data (either one record at a time, or by highlighting/copying the data when in Table view). So this feature cannot be claimed as a security feature unless security-through-inconvenience is considered viable.

    So please consider allowing Light members to export and disallowing Light members from importing. Thanks!

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  • Terri Dobbs

    We, too, need for our light users to be able to export!  I agree with allowing them to create their own reports, too, but that's not as important to us as the export function.

    We also need the capability for some of our light users to be able to delete items.  If that could be a permission controlled by an administrator within the app, it would be perfect for us.

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