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  • Andy Pakula

    I just came looking for that feature. No way to duplicate an existing field with it's options set? I wish there were. It would be a HUGE help...

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  • Greg Shortreed

    yes this is neeed

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  • P. D. Bowman

    Well, I guess this answers my question. Consider my organization’s vote added in request for this feature.

    When you’ve got a bunch of category items in a set of identical dropdowns for ranking/qualifying the items in a set of corresponding fields, being able to create that dropdown once and copy it is a real help.

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  • Eric Foss

    The whole point of Podio (to me at least) is saving time.  Sure it saves time once apps are made and implemented, but it'd also be awesome to make the apps as quickly as possible.  Copying/duplication existing fields would be VERY helpful.  Here is an example of what I'm working on...

    Member #1 Name

    Member #1 Role

    Member #1 Phone

    Member #1 Email

    Member #1 Date of Birth

    Member #1 Type (two category options)


    Jeez, I'm just tired of writing that on here.  I have to do it 10 more times now in my app.  Being able to duplicate those would be AWESOME.  

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  • Ryam Ganjehi

    I'd like to add my vote to this. Seems like this should be a basic feature in building forms.

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  • Simeon Drage


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  • Michael Perea

    If this has been added yet please let me know... if not IT DEF IS NEEDED! I want to duplicate a field that's at the top of my template to the bottom of my template, so that my VAs can add notes when near the top AND/OR near the bottom instead of having to scroll all the way back up just to enters some new information when they are near the bottom... or a jump to (field name) button on the template.. THIS HAS MY VOTE

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