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Text Calculation Fields

I would like the ability to do some basic text "calculations" -- for example, concatenation where multiple fields could be joined together along with additional text.

The feature could be expanded to include more robust capabilities such text formatting and/or even validation (with validation being a whole separate more complex capability to be sure -- but for now, basics would be nice.)

Coby Pachmayr

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This is very possible and I have done it myself. It's really easy. In the Calculation field type the "@" symbol to see your variables. Then type a "+" sign to join them. For example a calculation field may look like this. @FirstName + " " + @LastName. You have to manually identify a space. You can also reference other apps with the @all of. For instance if you have a field in another app that is related to an app item, you can use @all of field, BUT You must also put .join() on the backside of this javascript to make it work. For example @all of employeeID .join(). You can also type in line breaks to put these on different lines. For example, in your script type "\n" and anything after that will go on a different line in the same calculation. Play with it!

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