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  • Gustav Jonsson

    Hey Jon, seems like a very long app you've got there! 

    I actually would hesitate quite a bit to build such a big app, what's the use case? Maybe you can actually "split the use case up" and build several apps? 

    Just my two cents, 

    /Gustav - Podio

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  • Fritz Feger

    I've also built lots of custom apps, always striving for simplicity. But there are usecases where many many fields are the appropriate way.

    Imagine a shop selling several products to returning customers. There's a customer app and there's a products app, and there's a purchases app. In a purchase item you select the customer, and then you select the first product he's buying. In a numbers field you input the number of purchased items of the first product. A calculation field fetches the price from the products app and calculates the amount. This you repeat for product no. 2, and so on. In a shop where people buy 10 different products at one stop you have to repeat it ten times in order to have the whole event on one item.

    To split this up into one item per product would mean that you have to create 10 items, each time select the customer again, and if you want to print out a delivery note or a bill (yuck!) this were 10 single pages. Impossible.

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