Manual sorting of workspaces in left sidebar



  • Light Productions, LLC

    I agree!! Would love to see this feature.

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  • Mette Frøkjær Hansen

    Hi Fritz,

    Thank you for your input. We agree that it could be relevant to be able to customize the overview of your spaces better, to make navigation easier in Podio.

    The product team has received your feedback and we really appreciate you sharing your suggestions and helping us improve Podio.

    - Podio

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  • Piero Zeccaria

    There should be a way to sort and organize workspaces in groups. For example:

    ---Employee network
    ---Company workspaces
    ------Marketing (app 1, app 2, app 3...)
    ------Product development
    ---Client workspaces
    ------Client A (app 1, app 2, app 3...)
    ------Client B
    ------Client C
    ------Client D
    ---Partner workspaces
    ------Wholesaling (app 1, app 2, app 3...)
    ------Strategic alliances

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  • Taylor

    4 years later and this is still missing - a much needed feature.

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  • LFI Help Desk

    Make that 8 years and counting....

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  • Robbie Mahallati

    9 years now.  Does anyone even look at these at Podio / Citrux?


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  • Systemkonto

    I would also like to express my support for this feature. I agree that it would be really helpful if we could organize the left-side panel more effectively.

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