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Tasks grouped by application items i.e. Individual projects in the project app

This request stems from the long dialog in the help center here

The request it to be able to generate a view or rather filter down to a view of Tasks PER associated item (like projects) from the global Tasks area.  

It would work in the same way that you can filter or group tasks by a person or workspace, you could just filter down and/or group tasks by items in an application like individual projects in the projects app.  

An alternative work around would be to create a view in the individual project that shows the same information related to the tasks that you see in the global task view instead of just the summarized view we currently have which does not have the needed details to manage and view all tasks associated with just one project.  

Global view of Tasks is already pretty good - it just lacks that critical last step of being able to group or filter by individual associated items with apps. Labels could work for this, but not having shared labels is also a major detractor from effective team collaboration and project management.


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This would be a HUGE improvement.

I'd like to be able to filter or group my tasks by Workspace, Project, and Deliverable, so that I can easily see all of the tasks associated to a project organised under Deliverable headings.

I would also like this function to be available in the global task list as well as within workspaces.


Martin Holland 0 votes

we should start this thread up again. it's been a while. and this basic function still hasn't been added

Andrew Davis 0 votes

+1 on shared labels. Also, having tasks associated with item (like projects) on the mobile app (iPad) would be great.

Owen Barrow 0 votes

Hi guys,

Just wanted to check in with you and let you know that this thread is not forgotten. In fact we are looking at how to improve tasks in Podio overall, so it is great to get your feedback and use cases.

In the meantime, have you tried using the tasks app? This might be useful as this will creates tasks as items in an app that you can link to projects via a relationship field. You can see more here

- Podio

Mette Frøkjær Hansen 0 votes

Totally in love with Podio BUT…

Please display ALWAYS the task assignee.

For example it's really against a good usability to be unable to see the assignee in the All tasks view or in the Calendar, unless entering the task page.

Task lists would be also a good feature to attach all the task to a Deliverable in a logical order not following AZ order or due date.

And give us colors : )
To customize every Deliverable or Project Deadline on the Calendar view to make everything clear.

BTW you're awesome.


Stefano Rapini 0 votes

Hi Stefano,

Awesome feedback sandwich from you, love it:-) Thank you!

Tasks in Podio can definitely be improved massively and since it's a larger project to improve this feature overall, I cannot promise a time frame for this. However, all of the feedback here will be extremely valuable for when improving the tasks in Podio will be attacked.

Thank you for sharing and helping us improve.


Mette Frøkjær Hansen 0 votes

I wonder if my request is related to Kenn's request. I (my colleagues and I) want to track time per individual using an app or webform. My Time tracking app for now has the following fields

  • Project (relationship to Projects app)
  • Tasks (relationship to Task app - which in turn has a relationship field that relates a task to a project)
  • Date
  • Time spent

But when I choose a Project (first step) I would like the app to then filter the tasks (second step) instead of showing ALL the apps from the Tasks app every time no matter which project I choose.

Or can I maybe get one of my developer colleagues to create some browser based ui using the Podio API?

In short I want to be able to track time used on a task that I pick from a list of tasks UNDER a project.

Bo Forberg Axelsen 0 votes