Issue with Podio gem in Rails application




  • Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen

    Hi Nico,

    We have a sample rails project that you can take a look at


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  • Nico Luchsinger

    Thank you Andreas! Resolved the issue - it was because the Podio gem was not compatible with a Rails 4.0 application. Using Rails 3.2.14 now.

    Running into another strange issue now though - when calling a function defined in the Podio gem (like e.g. "Podio::Item.find"), I get an error message saying that the method "get" (from Podio.connection.get in that method) is not defined. Have been taking a close look at the sample application, but couldn't yet figure out what I'm doing wrong in mine. If you have a hint, I'd appreciate it!

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