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Authentication types - Connecting a website as a database

Hi all,

Is it possible to authenticate a website permanently with Podio using an authentication other than "username and password"?

I want this website's content (which is viewable to the public) to be controlled (in some way) inside Podio but having to obtain a username and password from the client to create the connection seems a bit dodgy.

Is that the only option at the moment?

If so, I assume it's fine to create a user with admin privileges to the apps that are supplying the content for the site rather than taking the client's personal username and password which may have access to all organisations spaces.

James Trusler Answered

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Hey James... look into App Authentication... that is probably what you want... it will allow you to connect to one "app" in a more permanent way... :)


Patrick Steil 

Patrick Steil 0 votes

Cheers Patrick,

So if I need to connect to 3 or 4 apps in 1 workspace, I assume I could just process the connection with the specific app id put in for that specific operation?

No idea why I didn't think of that before.

James Trusler 0 votes