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What is the correct URL?

I am developing an application that will access Podio, I have the oauth part working and it is giving me back a token. I am now trying to call different parts of the API like '/org', '/user/' etc. I am passing in the OAUTH2 header with the request and I am using the URL for our space. But ever time I make the call it returns a full web page of data instead of the JSON data from the API that I am expecting. I have tried '' and '' which is our URL in Podio. Both of these return what appears to be a web page instead of the API data. Any ideas where I am going wrong?





Bryan Bible

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The API endpoint is always so when you see paths in the API reference that's the domain you should be hitting.

E.g. for getting your user status -- you need to make a request to

If you are using one of our supported languages I will strongly recommend you use the appropriate client library as this and many many many (many) other issues are handled for you automatically.

Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen 0 votes

Ah thanks for the pointer. So I originally started using the Java API client but soon found that there is a class clash with the Jersey library. My application uses jersy server and core and the Podio java client needs a later version. Is there an easy way around this?

Bryan Bible 0 votes