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How to fetch all apps of a user?

I tried PodioApp::get_all(). But with this method apps maximum limit is 100. If I put a value more than 100 which results the following response

{"error_propagate"=>false, "error_parameters"=>{}, "error_detail"=>nil, "error_description"=>"Invalid value 101: Must not be larger than 100 (at limit)", "error"=>"invalid_value"}

Harish A Answered

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Hi Harish,

I assume this is related to the question about webhooks for app creation?

There is no way to get more than 100 apps using this method. What you should do is get a list of all the orgs and spaces the user is a member of and loop over that list to get apps for each space. Pay attention to the rate limits as you are likely to hit them when doing these kinds of operations.

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