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API to track when/ if members of a workspace was online

I need to track when / if members of a workspace has been online in the workspace (or on Podio overall). I was told in support that the way was to build an API for this. 

The reason why it is not enough to just hover over the workspace members in right sidebar is that there are 200 + members, so it is not possible to get an overview. The workspace is where they keep a specific profile updated, so I need to be able to see when they have been in so I can remind the ones who has been offline for a (too) long period.

I have generated an API key for the workspace and for the specific app with their profiles. I am in doubt though how to go from here. Anyone who has experience in building such an API?


Thank you so much!

Best, Nele

Nele Lund Sattrup Answered

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Hi Nele,

We can help you with this - you are welcome to send me a mail on 

We could probably even make it autosend a notification (on mail) to the ones that haven't been online for a long time to both you and the member of Podio :-)



Daniel Horn 0 votes

Just so we understand each other: Podio has an API. You can write code that interacts with our API. If you are a not a developer/programmer/software engineer yourself, you will need to find one to use the Podio API.

You can use the Get contacts to get all contacts for the user you are authenticated as. One the attributes returned for each contact in this call is "last_seen_on". You can use this timestamp to determine when the user was last online.

Casper Fabricius 0 votes

Thank you, it was the exact function I needed! I just tried the GET /contact/space/{space_id}/ in the sandbox and it is just the information I need (hurray). However I know it is not in the sandbox it should be done (it is probably just me being a beginner with development) but where do I find the correct place type in the code? (and hopefully export the result to a spreadsheet maybe?)

Nele Lund Sattrup 0 votes

Nele, my company is currently working on a service that helps people see how users have been adding and editing content in Podio. A last seen on status in a piece of information that will be included. The interace would be mainly graphical for seeing the data. Please let me know if you'd be interested in being contacted when the beta service is live.

Anthony Guidarelli 0 votes