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Simpler Webhooks with parameters and no verification?

Hi guys,

webhooks are a great feature, but I have a use case where I would like to simply provide a URL that gets called with all the items fields as parameters instead of me having to perform a look-up by ID and retrieving the fields myself. So basically like an html-form post request, i.e. when a webhook is triggered, Podio performs a form post to the URL I supplied (with no prior verification request or anything like that). This would provide immediate integration opportunities with tons of tools that except post request in this way. In particular, we would like to use this automatically generate personalized reports using Ultradox ( ), which can handle these kind of requests.

Any thoughts?


Stefan //

Stefan Ukena Answered

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Hi Stefan,

This would expose protected information (the data of the item) without any security whatsoever. I don't think we are in any rush to implement something like this. Our webhooks system is capable of solving your use case if you implement a proxy layer. I know it's not a one-step implementation, but we have to consider the security aspect.

You can always make your proxy layer generalized so you don't have to re-create it for every app you want to expose in this way.


Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen 0 votes

Hi Andreas,

I was afraid you were going to say this. :) I was trying to avoid having to implement a proxy. But, of course you are right, the security implication could be quite severe, especially when considering that webhooks could generated programmatically. Thanks for getting back to me!



Stefan Ukena 0 votes