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Can i get text fields via the api without html entities and tags?

The items of an app i created have several text fields. I want to publish part of the Data via a website which is built using Python and Flask and pypodio2 to retreive the fields. Problem: The text is html-formatted, and the tags are included in the JSON response.

If i strip them, html-ed umlauts are removed as well. Is there any way to either get a response without html tags and entities or even better, enter data without the wysiwyg editor (markdown would be perfect)?

Jens Wunderling Answered

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Large text fields always use the wysiwyg editor on If edit them via the API, you can set their values to whatever you like, but markdown is not going to work well with the wysiwyg editor.

I suggest you simply use a different method of stripping tags, one that doesn't remove html entities, but only actual html tags.

Casper Fabricius 0 votes

Thank you,

that is actually the way i went. Thing is, i do not use the API to edit, just to retreive data. Although it works now, it would be a great feature if one could choose the text formatting options when sending an API request. 

But maybe this is just a very rare case?

Jens Wunderling 0 votes