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Yet another authentication issue?

Hello Podio,

I'm right now trying to authenticate an ASP.NET MVC 4 web application against Podio and grab the items of a specific app, unfortunately to no avail. I get an oauth token that looks valid for me. But Podio keeps telling me as response to a REST request to{myappid}/ that...

JSON response: {"error_propagate":false,"error_parameters":{},"error_detail":null,"error_description":"Authentication as an app is not allowed for this method","error":"forbidden"}

Here's what my code looks like (it's C# but should be similar to the example code provided on gist.github). I've already got a oauth_token that's stored in oauth_token.access_token. appID is the same ID that I use to retrieve the oauth_token.

            request = new RestRequest {Method = Method.GET, RequestFormat = DataFormat.Json};

            request.AddParameter("oauth_token", oauth_token.access_token);

            request.Resource = String.Format("/item/app/{0}/", appID);

            var response2 = client.Execute(request);

Any idea?

Thanks a lot!


Hendrik Wiese Answered

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Hi Hendrik,

I don't know very much about .NET (one of my colleagues will jump in to help). I do know that one issue several people have had is that the final slash is being stripped automatically, but that you can work around it by adding a second slash.

Attempt with this line:

request.Resource = String.Format("/item/app/{0}//", appID);

Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen 0 votes
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Ah, I see! I've read that before somewhere here but couldn't remember. That did the job. Thanks. Maybe that's a point for a .NET related FAQ, what do you think?

Hendrik Wiese 0 votes
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