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  • Patrick Steil

    Related to this ... does a hook get fired in the event a Task that is assigned to an item was updated or completed?

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  • Casper Fabricius

    Answer to both questions is no. We only support the hooks you see when you go the developers page of an app and click "Add hook".

    You could argue that the "item.update" hook should be triggered when you RSVP to an item, but it's not really the item itself that is updated, but a users relation to the item, which is why it doesn't trigger the hook.

    We are open to adding to more hooks, provided it's technically feasible. If you tell me your use cases and how you'd like it to work we will take under consideration.

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  • Ansar Muhammad (Anz)

    Hi Casper,

    Is there any change on this one or still wont fire an update hook when RSVP changes?

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  • Ansar Muhammad (Anz)

    Hi again

    We have just tested and confirmed the hook won't fire with RSVP change. :(

    @Casper - is it possible to add it to the item update hook or make a new hook for participants change.

    We have requests from different Podio users to make overview of who is attending meetings, who is not reacting etc and send reminders for the people not reacted to the meetings.

    I hope this is a good use case to add this functionality :)


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