Podio bad request error in Google chrome




  • Christian Holm

    Hi Ajmal

    Can you print out the error details as described in the "Error handling" paragraph for the PHP client: https://developers.podio.com/clients/php

    Then post the error message here so we can see the underlying reason.


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  • Ajmal v Hassainar

    When i prined the error as specified in Error handling" paragraph for the PHP  it is as shown below:


    Invalid value [u'0', u'0']: Must be an integer (at offset)

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  • Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen

    Hi Ajmal,

    I'm sorry, I didn't see your response until now. For a while there was a bug in the PHP client library where a GET request with query parameters would fail if the access token had to be refreshed in the same call.

    I fixed that issue on June 21, but if your download of the client library predates that it would explain your problem. If you are still having the problem grab a fresh copy of the PHP client library from https://github.com/podio/podio-php 

    That will fix your issue.

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