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Why does a repeating event only show once in the Badge view and not each time it happens into the future?

I created a repeating Event, and when I look at the Events badge view I only see the first instance of the event (regardless of the future looking view I choose) and not all instances of the Event into the future.

Is there a way to show the repeating instances of an event?


Brian Ehlert Completed

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Hi guys! We are happy to announce we finally have a solution ready to fix the future repeating events and display an image of your events weeks ahead. This has been long overdue and we hope you will like the new solution.

In the past, we always showed only the next repeating event in your calendar as we wanted to avoid creating unlimited (millions) of future items in the related apps. In that sense, the Podio calendar has always been quite different from calendars you know from iCal, Google etc.

We are minimizing this gap by adding support for viewing future repeating events in your calendars today. This means you will now see the future items in your calendar view to plan and see availability more than just “one week ahead”.

Read more via our blog here.

//Nel - Podio

Nel Andersen
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Hey Brian, the reason behind this is that if you were to select to show all future events this will/could produce an infinite number of events in an app. That would lead us on to a philosophical discussion about eternity, and that is something that I like to avoid (not being very philosophical myself). 

Jokes apart, I see your point about it of course and we have been discussing how to solve this but we don't have a good enough solution yet. 

/Gustav - Podio

Gustav Jonsson 0 votes
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I have to say this makes absolutely no sense at all.

By not showing repeated appointments in the calendar you have basically made them useless. Does nobody in Podio forward plan their schedules? How are my staff supposed to plan next week's activities (or the following) when they don't know what repeated events I may have? This has already happened a couple times. They have looked in my schedule, found it to be empty and scheduled a meeting for me only to find out that I had a repeating event that suddenly shows up.

This is a pretty big problem for anyone who tries to actually plan anything.

Jordan Fleming 0 votes
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