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    Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hey Kay,

    All users can delete their own comments but you can't delete other peoples comments. If you have a comment that should be removed in your workspace you need to ask this person (comment creator) to remove it. 

    //Sara - Podio

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  • Michael Willette

    can an administrator delete comments of any user?

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  • Christopher Nielsen

    Hi Sara. I am admin in a Podio workspace and I need to clean up the comments on some projects. The users who wrote the comments are no longer part of the workspace. How can I delete their comments? Thanks C.

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  • Alaa Murad

    I'm a new (paid) user, and I can see that Podio lacks common features that you would find in any simple forum, such that an admin should be able delete a comment made by other users ...

    Totally unhappy client :(

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  • Kirsten Campbell-Morris

    We have had a really terrible experience in the last 24 hours which all companies should be aware of. Some how one of our staff Podio accounts was attacked by a spammer and it sent hundreds of the same spam message, as a posted comment, to all of our workspaces both internal as well our client workspaces, of which we think approx 50 workspaces have been effected. The message also had an attachment added to the comment, which could be a virus.

    We have checked our internal SMTP logs and cannot see any emails being sent out from the employee's email address, therefore we are concerned as to how this has happened.

    Due to this we have only just realized that Podio does not allow the company or .org to delete employee comments. Our staff person had to sit and do this manually one by one and our company had to ask her to do this. Obviously this has raised huge concerns with our clients who are very alarmed and want to know how this happened, why it happened and whose fault it is ours or Podio security.

    But even more disconcerting is that we have found that we have no control over what our staff post as comments. Thus leaving all companies at high risk of a disgruntled employee, who could easily post an offensive or inappropriate comment to clients, and the company can do nothing about it to remove it! The company would have to ask that employee to remove it themselves. Which is not satisfactory and could cause alot of damage to the company.

    Podio have tried to support us, but no solutions have been offered that has helped us remove all these comments quickly and efficiently.

    After hours of our employee sitting and deleting each comment one by one (there were literally hundreds) she then changed her password to a very secure password, letter, numbers, characters etc.., and we were attacked again during the night when no one was at the office to see what was happening or try and stop it. This time the spam was posted thousands of times. It will be almost impossible for her to delete all these comments and we are at a complete loss as to what to do. Our clients have received the spam as notifications and one of our clients was rather upset when he received 500 notifications last night, which was emailed to him, so it has totally blocked his inbox!

    In light of this very obvious weakness in Podio we are seriously reviewing our Podio account.

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  • Seth Helgeson

    @Kirsten Campbell-Morris that is absolutely horrible and cannot believe that something like this could happen. I have been a Citrix Podio partner since 2011 and have never heard of such a massive attack as this. My team is currently beta testing what will be called Security Audit for Podio. Its an enterprise level security management system that will prevent things like this from happening within your accounts. Furthermore, it detects practices that are out of the norm for each employee such as high comment rates.

    We would love to help you at no cost to clean up the comments you have to sift through. We would create a custom API call that would go in as that employee and delete all comments matching the parameters you choose. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly to get your matter resolved.

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  • Amaury Aubrée-Dauchez
    Understood why Podio is not implementing that basic feature
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