Lobby for votes to get change in format Date stamps on updates




  • Jacquelyn May

    Hi Guido,

    Thanks a lot for the input! You can actually hover your mouse over any time stamp to get the exact time :) 

    Is that the functionality you're looking for? 

    /Jacquelyn - Podio

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  • guido van broekhoven

    hi jacquelyn

    i know i can hover over the time stamp to see the actual date, but i prefer to see it immediately. I also work with clients, that have access to my podio with their account, so that they can follow progress, and they also have complained they can't see the exact date immediately. I'm serious about this. It is easier and more comfortable to see the EXACT date in the time stamps rather than ''2 days ago'' or ''one month ago''. It does not make sense to have it in the current format. Please see it from a user perspective.


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  • Ibrahim Hughes

    I'm looking for the same thing in comments (understanding that I can see this when hovering). Can we change the setting to show the exact say andd time automatically?

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