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Referrals and Podio Cards vs. related record card explained?

I notice the referrals area with a custom link so anyone I invite with that link it seems someday you may give a reward?  I really like the system.  I am beginning to understand the differences in members and workspace contacts and I am noticing what I call the "Podio cards".  So when I invite someone, when they also sign up as a Podio user they get, we all get, a unique Podio Card.  Couple things here.  First if all invitees become new members anyway, why not track those as referrals?  Seems the same.  Also let's say I have a simple app clients and projects.  In the client app is a contact field I can assign the Podio card to.  I can't edit the user profile so in the client app/record I also input whatever data I want to track that the Podio card can't ie, extra fields.  Now when entering a record in a project I insert the Podio card as a contact record and then I also insert into a duplicate field called contact and insert my client related record which comes in looking like a Podio card.  With my client card attached I can reference all related projects or records simply by going to my client record.  But I can't do that with the Podio card representing the same contact.  So It seems I must insert 2 contact records in a project or all other related apps. Assigning tasks to a Podio card vs. my custom contact card is handled much differently.  Ideally The Podio card and a client contact card should be linked somehow to allow us to capture what your Podio card can't and also to interact.  Podio is built onthe concept of Podio cards and seems very limiting in this way as we must use 2 cards now in every record.  Confusing and extra work and space on screen.  But I love Podio and sure it will continue to become more feature rich!

Darryn Flint

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