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Can we get Podio off line capability?

We are actively encouraging our clients to adopt more collaborative ways of working but one of the big issues they (and we) have is the inability to access their critical data when they are off line. They would find it much more compelling if they had this capability

Hazel Tiffany

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Hello. I am very new to PODIO.  I own and operate a consulting company that represents scientist and their technologies. I and my team travel overseas managing and business developing the commercial platform of these technologies. I prepare my notes and manage deployments while traveling across continents.  It would be extremely critical, efficient and effective if we can create, designate task(s) and deliverables into the application while offline?  Please advise your thoughts, maybe you already have a solution to this request. Thank you in advance.      

Juan Carlos Rodriguez 0 votes

This would be a great feature to implement with a Podio Chrome App.  Could include feature to function offline over LAN via a tiny LAMP server...?

Aaron Raufman 0 votes