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Item summary when making a reference to a different workspace


The app reference field gives a warning that you allow content from a different workspace to be previewed to members of that specific workspace. 

Though when making a test user I noticed that you can actually only see the name of the item being referenced to if you are not part of the workspace that the reference is made to. 

This is a problem since I don't want to grant everybody access to all of the contact information in our company but only to the locations that are linked to a performance (we are a theatre company and the cast and crew are part of the workspace) 

Anyone idea on how to solve such thing?

p.s.: I know the folks at Podio are working at a better contacts implementation but in the meanwhile I need to have one central place where all the organizations for whom we perform are. 

p.s.2: An api workaround would be that when an item makes a reference to a contact, this creates an item with the same data in a specific app in the workspace. The problem would be that the reference still leads to the workspace that is not accessible, and it is a rather complicated solution...

p.s.3.: I know that in principle this would create a possibility to preview all data in an app since light user could still change the item that is referenced to and preview Though this would create a message for me and it is neither possible to copy the whole database (for mailing purposes etc)

Rutger Gernandt

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